Bamboo House

3 Salt Lake St, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
COMPLETED - COMMERCIAL PROJECTS, Hotel, Outdoor Garden, Restaurant, Retail Shops
500 SQM

Size: 500 Square Meters Total

Location : 3 Salt Lake Street, Maitama. Abuja.


  • Renovation works
  • Octagon Bar Area
  • Main Cabana Area
  • VIP Cabana Area
  • Functional Area Expansion
  • Natural and Artistic Concepts
  • Ambient Lighting Design


Project Summary:

This project took on a life of its own from the initial onset when the client requested that we capitalize on the outdoor experience for guests. Deliberating on numerous finishing materials, we opted t0 go for locally made and natural materials found within our region in the north. From handcrafted clay pots, raffia cane chairs and curtains, water fountains … to structural elements made of tree-trunks and bamboo. All of which, including the Octagon Bar, really celebrates nature and the craftsmanship of local artisans and materials.

The lighting plan for this project was also another success, as it really added to the ambiance of this destination outdoor restaurant and bar. The sound of splashing water with a combination of ambient lighting gives the visitor a chance at tranquility within the ever-hectic and temperate workday in Abuja.

Bamboo House is a quaint boutique hotel designed for the discerning nature loving traveler. Catch live sports action at the Octagon Bar, chill under the cabana while sipping on an exotic cocktail and some mouthwatering food, or relax and enjoy good music. The nature inspired Cabana is a hit amongst Abuja’s unique customers and expatriate community. Enjoy everything nature has to offer under the Bamboo Cabana, While appreciating a well thought-out combination between nature and architecture.


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Property Map

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